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Energetic and Spiritual Sessions


In light of the changes with COVID-19, energetic and spiritual sessions will be done long-distance.  This does not diminish the quality of the treatment but can often enhance it by allowing Barbara to focus strictly on the energetic and/or spiritual body. 
All sessions can be done either through Zoom or strictly long-distance where Barbara does the healing and records the information for you to listen to at a later time.  Again, you don't need to be present for Barbara to do these sessions as she works with your energetic and spiritual bodies and not your physical one.
With all of the great changes that are occurring on this planet, now is the time to do the deep healing work so
that you can move forward with more grace and ease.  Spiritual and energetic sessions can provide a wealth
of information about what may be holding you back
from achieving the life you deserve.
Book your appointment today or call Barbara at 250.486.5820 to talk about which session would
serve you best.
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