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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.​                   -Anais Nin                           

Chair Healing

This is a perfect place to begin to unwind if you are new to energy balancing or need a quick pick-me-up. It is a gentle technique that strengthens your grounding and clears your auric field. It helps to open up your chakras and clear away foreign energy. Very relaxing!

Chakra Balancing


Each of the 7 main chakras is a storehouse of information about various aspects of your life. Through day to day living, these chakras can become clogged and imbalanced with outdated information and need to be cleared or repaired. By releasing stuck energy, it allows you to move forward in your life and enable self healing to occur. This can facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It is a gentle, yet profound technique.

Biofield Therapy

This is a gentle, hands–on healing method that starts where talk therapies end, by reaching deep inside the body to release physical and emotional trauma. During the session, the practitioner works with the natural flow of chi energy between her hands in a highly effective and reliable process. This method is based on how emotions work in the body and the physics of the human bio-field. The client is given a safe environment in which to experience and release buried trauma that has inhibited their life, allowing them to move forward on a new path to wellness.

Quantum Healing


This is the latest advanced technique in energy healing. Where previous modalities peeled away the layers of dis-ease one by one, Quantum Healing removes the seed thought that originally caused the core issue. It removes all negative aspects associated with the issue being worked on and puts in place a powerful positive restorative that moves the client forward in a gentle but accelerated manner. It is helpful for physical and emotional trauma, as well as dis-ease of the body. Take a quantum leap in healing today!

Blossoming Into Your Truth

Moving beyond the ordinary and flowing
into the extraordinary


Rose Reading 

A Rose Reading involves using the symbol of a rose to obtain intuitive information about the client's spiritual life, business, relationships, etc. It helps the individual to see their current situation from a higher perspective. The rose is given a healing, transforming stagnant energy and enabling the client to move forward in their life with grace and ease.

7 Layer Aura Reading

Reading layer by layer, the client is provided a color and symbol for the 7 different layers of their aura, each layer corresponding to a different chakra. One can obtain valuable information on the areas of survival, emotions, one's power centre, heart centre, communication, clairvoyance and spiritual connection. Blockages can be revealed and a healing done to help clear the symbol and allow energy to return to a healthy flow.

Past Life Reading 

The client is given an opportunity to hear about three different past lives. The reason these past lives come up is that they are still learning a valuable life lesson that they were also working on in the previous lifetimes. By doing a healing, we are able to bring the soul essence that has remained in that past life forward into this lifetime, releasing the connection to create wholeness, but enabling the client to still keep the lesson. A belief in past lives is not necessary for the information coming forth to still be of value.

Full Intuitive Consultation

Combine a Rose Reading, 7 Layer Aura Reading and Past Life Reading to receive a full spiritual experience. This beautiful session provides the inspiration for you to blossom into the truth of who you are and to move forward with your life in a graceful manner. These readings are recorded so that you may listen to them at your convenience to take in the messages at a deeper level and enhance the healing experience.

Building and Land Clearings

The land and home where you live or place where you work can hold old memories that can cause energetic imbalances to the present occupants. These old imbalances can affect your mood and health, causing discord and anxiety. In the case of businesses, clearing the energy of the previous occupant is a must in order to succeed where perhaps the old business had failed. The intent of these sessions is to clear the energetic imbalances and allow continuous healing to take place. This can take one or more sessions depending on the situation.


Intuitive consultations can take place in person or at a distance.  All readings are
recorded and an audio file made available by email or downloadable link.

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