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Day 2 of the 5 AM Club

Oh yes, the bed pulled hard this morning. It was a struggle to arise and get downstairs to work out, but I did it. There were lots of good excuses about being awoken several times during the night by kids, cats and husbands and staying asleep would have been so much easier, but I insisted on getting up anyway. The struggle to stay awake this morning was very real.

But for me, this is a huge part of the lesson. How many times have I chosen the path of least resistance rather than push through the pain? How many times have I done something great for myself for 30 days and then slipped back to my old pattern of "just this once" which then led to me giving up. I have certainly been a victim of this mindset in my life on more than one occasion.

"Just This Once"

"We should start in by making as strong an impression as possible upon the subconscious mind. We should be constantly on guard against temptations to break the new resolution "just this once." This "just once" idea kills off more resolutions than any other cause.

Equally important is the fact that each time you resist temptation, the stronger does your resolution become. You are adding to the strength of your original resolution every time you back it up with action."

William Walker Atkinson - Thought Vibration (1906)

Here's to growing stronger in all areas of our lives: body, mind and soul.

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