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Day 4 of the 5 AM Club

This morning I decided to walk around my neighborhood for exercise instead of using the elliptical machine. I was curious to see what happens at that hour and who might be up with me. I was hoping I might even catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife that abounds in the area.

As was not that unexpected, many farmers were up tending their fields and orchards, setting sprinklers and using tractors. It made me immensely grateful for all these good souls who rise early to provide food for the animals and people in their communities. They show true dedication to working the land and bringing forth its bounty so that we may nourish our bodies and taste buds with farm fresh produce. It made me really think about the dedication it takes to produce something worthwhile. They face the day head on, no matter what the weather, how hot or cold it is, whether it's raining or parched, knowing that they are the ones that will make things happen. It made me really think about how I sometimes sacrifice productivity for comfort, choose the easier path instead of the path with heart.

My goal through this journey is to look more closely at the places where I don't show up for myself, where I don't put in the time and dedication it takes to form new habits and to master the skills I have. I will be taking a hard look in the mirror and working to change the places where I have become soft and complacent. One early hour at a time...

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